Treating, Repairing and Designing Timber Fences and DecksTreating, Repairing and Designing Timber Fences and Decks

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Treating, Repairing and Designing Timber Fences and Decks

Welcome to my blog! My name is Brenda, and I love designing homes and landscaping yards. In particular, I love implementing natural wood and timber into my designs. Last year, I put on new timber decking and added a fence. to our garden Through the process of working with a contractor and doing a lot of independent research, I was able to get just the type of decking and fencing I wanted, and now, I am adamant about taking great care of it. In this blog, I am going to cover a gamut of concepts related to timber decking, and I might into delve into some other posts about construction or DIY. I hope that you like my ideas!

Reasons to Choose Epoxy Coating for Your Garage's Concrete Flooring

Typically, epoxy flooring is used for industrial applications, as such, not many homeowners know much about this substance. Epoxy comprises two materials. These are hardeners and resins. When the two materials are mixed together, they create a tougher, more rigid material, which is referred to as epoxy. Epoxy has a great propensity for bonding onto a substrate, this is why it is used as a coating on flooring. Here are some of the reasons why epoxy flooring would be a great addition onto your garage's concrete flooring.

Epoxy flooring is low maintenance and easy to clean

When it comes to flooring, most homeowners want a material that will not only maintain its pristine condition but that will also not be too difficult to keep appealing. Concrete is a porous material, therefore it is susceptible to absorbing stains. Considering that the garage is typically used for storage and sheltering your vehicle, chances are that the floor will be exposed to a myriad of stains such as oil dripping from the car's engine, leftover paint cans, household chemicals and more. With epoxy, all you would be required to do is wipe up the surface, as its non-pervious nature will not let any liquids absorb into the concrete.

Epoxy flooring is aesthetically appealing

Some homeowners may not pay much attention to their garage's flooring, as this area is not typically used to entertain guests. However, if you opt for epoxy flooring, you give the entire room a facelift. You can now have gatherings in your garage with friends if you would prefer to keep the noise out of the house. Additionally, the enhanced appearance of the garage flooring can also work to increase the resale value of the home. Epoxy changes the band appearance of your concrete flooring by giving it a glossy shine. Moreover, you can get the epoxy in a variety of colours, thus ensuring you complement the overall theme colours of your home.

Epoxy flooring is cost effective

One misconception that people may have about epoxy flooring is that it is too expensive to install. The truth of the matter though is that this coating can end up saving you exorbitant amounts of money down the road. Since this type of flooring offers a protective coating to your current garage's floor, you do not have to worry about floor repairs due to cracking, abrasion or concrete cancer. It can also be applied on a variety of substrates thus making it suitable for other types of flooring other than concrete.