Treating, Repairing and Designing Timber Fences and DecksTreating, Repairing and Designing Timber Fences and Decks

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Treating, Repairing and Designing Timber Fences and Decks

Welcome to my blog! My name is Brenda, and I love designing homes and landscaping yards. In particular, I love implementing natural wood and timber into my designs. Last year, I put on new timber decking and added a fence. to our garden Through the process of working with a contractor and doing a lot of independent research, I was able to get just the type of decking and fencing I wanted, and now, I am adamant about taking great care of it. In this blog, I am going to cover a gamut of concepts related to timber decking, and I might into delve into some other posts about construction or DIY. I hope that you like my ideas!

Best DIY Tips to Keep Your Residential Drains Clean

Proper drain cleaning is an essential part of drain maintenance. It is required to ensure that any slight issues with your residential drain system are taken care of before they can result in much bigger problems, keeping the system working properly for longer. Here are a number of home tips that can help you prevent drain clogs.

High pressure water

For your sewer lines, you can use a pressure washer machine to flush out sludge and other debris that might disrupt free-flow of wastewater. Just make sure that the cleaning equipment can provide enough water pressure to clear off any obstructions. If you do not own such equipment, you can hire it from an equipment renter located near you.

However, you will have to use a sewer jetter with the pressure washer. As the sewer jetter is let to travel through the sewer line, the force of the water it releases can exhaustively clean the interior walls of a dirty sewer pipe. The thoroughness of the sewer jetter clean can help lessen the need to clean the drain as often.

Boiling water

Hot water comes in handy when you want to keep kitchen and bathroom sink drains clog-free. The wastewater poured into your kitchen sink on an almost daily basis usually contains oils from cooked food, which may solidify and clog the drain pipes. Likewise, the soapy water that goes into your bathtubs and shower rooms may easily block the drains due to buildup of soap scum. Pouring hot water directly down your kitchen sink bowl and bathtubs will help effectively disintegrate the buildup of oils and soap scum respectively, leaving you with clog-free drains.

Drain cleaners

There are lots of drain cleaning chemical products that you can use to clean your home drains. These products can be bought from local stores and they come in various forms, be it liquid, powder or gel. The first thing that you will need to find out before using chemicals to clear your drains is ascertain that they will not react and cause damage to your drain components. You should also be careful to use these cleaning products appropriately, as they can cause serious irritation if left to come into contact with your eyes or skin.

With the above-discussed tips, you can be sure that your home drains will be free of clogs, which can cause your home to smell awfully and look  unsightly.